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St.Petersburg, Moscow, Kaliningrad(Königsberg)

St. Petersburg- The last time I was in St. Petersburg I didn’t see very much and the weather was just grey but this time was different. It was sunny and warm the entire time I was there.   My friend from Florida took the special ferry deal from Helsinki. If you arrive by ferry and […]

My Shakespeare Speech

The international department asked me if I could go to a conference at the library to celebrate Shakespeare’s 450th birthday. I explained that I hadn’t read Shakespeare in over 8 years and admitted I don’t even like Shakespeare. They promised I would only have to read some poems. On the day of the event I […]

Sauna New Years Celebration

 New Years in Russia is like Christmas and New Years combined. They don’t have a Christmas tree, they have a New Years tree and on New Years children are visited by Grandpa Frost and his niece Snegyrochka, who put presents under the tree when the kids aren’t looking. But if you are a bad boy […]

My American-Chinese-Russian Thanksgiving

My Thanksgiving was quiet eventful. I gave a presentation on Thanksgiving, led my students in making thankful-thanksgiving-hand-turkeys and ended the day with a Chinese “Samavar” dinner made by the Chinese students that live in my dormitory. During the English club it was pretty funny how you can gauge their English level exactly by looking at […]

My Taxi Interrogation

I wanted to take the first bus to Moscow after ending my classes for the day. I didn’t want to go through the hassle of walking the 40 minutes to the bus station so I called the taxi company to pick me up.    15 minutes later a little Renault, with a fat taxi driver […]

Privacy in Russia

It doesn’t really exist!  I’ve got people climbing through my window, going through my cabinets, taking showers in my bathroom; people walking into my room unannounced (like the dean while I was half naked and my room completely out of order) and trying to go through my camera, laptop and cell phone. People are just […]

Russian Stories

I went to a Russian middle school to help out a university student present about Halloween. The class was about 30 students with a couple of class clowns. The kids were shy about speaking English but some of them could speak pretty well. They asked me about my favorite holiday and what we do on […]

Guy in Wheelchair going off big ramp in Moscow…

Nitro Circus!

Homecoming- Посвящение

Some typically awesome Russian dancing and ballet.

Halloween по-русски

On Halloween led my first English club meeting on the topic Halloween and I gave a presentation on the history of Halloween. One of the activities I did was ask for 4 volunteers to be mummies and 4 helpers then gave them toilet paper and told them to wrap themselves up. Meanwhile the rest of […]