Nitro Circus!

Some typically awesome Russian dancing and ballet.

On Halloween led my first English club meeting on the topic Halloween and I gave a presentation on the history of Halloween. One of the activities I did was ask for 4 volunteers to be mummies and 4 helpers then gave them toilet paper and told them to wrap themselves up. Meanwhile the rest of […]

These guys are  great photographers from Smolensk. Their pictures give a pretty good impression of my city))

Weekend in Moscow I went bike riding through Moscow which isnt the safest thing to do; weaving in and out of traffic on a bicycle and roller blades. It’s incredible how Moscow is changing very fast in preparation for the Olympics. Moscow is becoming more beautiful every time I visit.    

I brought a suitcase full of American food to Russia thinking that I was bringing was something incredibly new, but really most of my students had already tried everything or the food I brought can be bought in the local grocery store. When I mentioned peanut butter half of my class piped up with an […]

“Первый блин всегда комом”- The first pancake is always messed up.  My first day went by pretty well. I was handed a couple of books and handouts and then led to a classroom with about 15 giggly Russian girls to fend for myself. About 90% of my students are girls because they are studying to be […]